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The complete conic shell at sunrise shows the horn with all three parabolic arches connected. There was no deformation out-of-geometry anywhere on the skin surface. I had wanted to perform a test of the horn with a significant live load (like four or five guys all suspended by a rope) but time did not allow. At this point the building crew vacated the Conic and the Arena Aquarium Theme Camp moved in.

For those of you who might never have been to the Burning Man extravaganza, the final shape of most camps can be quite improvised. The Arena Aquarium was no exception. Tarps where hung, lights attached. A glowing Octopus was suspended from inside and the entire Conic was transformed into a live music stage and dance floor.

If the Conic was a permanent installation, walls would have been dropped vertically down from just inside the edge of the Conic shell. In this desert setting however, open-air was more than appropriate.

At night the Conic came alive with lights, music, dancing and raving. You can see the lit go-go cage to the left of the interior.