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Richie Wasserman applies torc to the fastenning bolts from scaffold.

Each ply sheet overlapped it's neighbors by 3". The 4'x4' sheets were positioned like hugh tiles to repel water should it rain during the Burning Man event.

Carriage bots (1/4" in diameter) fastenned the ply sheets every 9 inches thus creating a hugh coninuous sheet of plywood. The bigger the sheet of plywood became the more willing it was to bend.

Here's a shot of the first tri-part (outwardly bending segment) attached to two generator poles. The first panel was the lowest panel on the left generator. They we tiled up and across to the right generator pole.

A crew of two can work together to attach all the panels in a conic. A crew of four is optimum because two can work below perparing panels and two can work on the scaffold to attach panels.

Attaching the panels proceeded smoothly during the second day. A key lesson, however, was just beginning to be learned. Plywood bends across its width much easier than across its length. So the 4'x4' panels would bend much easier in one direction than the other. This was especially important for panels near the vertexes of their respective cones for here the bend is greatest. Orienting the plywood panels properly during prefabrication is a must.

At the end of the second day of construction almost half the 111 total panels had been attached.

All during the second day and beyond people came up and expressed great praise for our efforts.